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Monday, July 3, 2017

Buying drinks [Shared Advice]

Every now and then someone shares a meme or post that just can't be said any better than it already is. This is one of those times... I tried to find out where the original post was to give credit, but other than knowing that it came from "lazypacific" at possibly http://thecuriousbrain.com/?p=81836, I really couldn't find the original post. But here... I think all ladies should take a second to read this...

Guys: I understand that you've been taught persistence and hey, that's great. 
The key here is to know when to stop asking the same damn question over and over again while expecting a different answer. You need to change the subject, ask a different question, or simply revert back to lesson 101. But more importantly, ACCEPT 'NO' AS AN APPROPRIATE ANSWER. Learn how to hear the word 'No' without having a tantrum. It's not attractive. It's really not.
Let's not forget that women all over have been warned about date rape drugs and most of us are scared to death of people who want to force us to drink more than we want to. Personally, I'd rather a guy offer me a basket of fries or a cheesecake. Not accepting the word "NO" when you offer to buy a drink just screams the word 'creep'.

HOMEWORK: Guys, try this next time. When a girl says "No"... tell her "Ok", and maybe add how lovely it was to meet her, and that you hope to see her again later. Then instead of being a persistent asshole... just... WALK AWAY. Walk away quick before she has a chance to talk with you and you end up sticking your foot in your mouth. Maybe add a cute little smile on your face before turning around. She'll watch you walk away thinking 'well that was nice', and after a while she'll realize she's still thinking of the nice guy who offered her a drink and got away. Let me know how that works out for ya. 

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