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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Eggplants and Tacos

 Who's up for a little 


Ok class, say it together:


Don't be too proud. And if you're reading this at work, then that's on you, but I'm dead serious. Say it out loud before moving on. I DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING. AND ADMITTING I DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING IS OKAY. (I certainly don't know everything, so don't blame me if I made a mistake. I'm totally open to comments that help me correct things!)

Yes. It's true. It is OKAY to not know everything. So just shrug it off.

Next, we were all supposed to get some kind of health education in school. Or for those districts that decided you didn't need it, they assumed that your "parental figures" were supposed to cover all the important stuff. However, we know that stuff was NOT talked about, is still not talked about, and everyone is scared to ask what wasn't talked about!

So here is your first day of Anatomy and Physiology, RGU-style. We're gonna start with vocabulary. You're gonna have to suck it up and say all of these out loud, too. Why?? BECAUSE THEY ARE THE CORRECT WORDS. Defining a body part does not make you a dirty person. But let's face it, some of you can't even say "dirty word" without giggling.

GET PAST IT. How are you going to be able to talk to your partner, doctor, kids, friends, or ANYONE about important stuff if you can't even say the words for it? If you attach a stigma to the word itself, then you are also making that part of the body stigmatized and that leads to shame, embarrassment, and absolutely leads to potential medical issues down the road if you aren't educated about those parts.  

(I won't deal with it in this blog, but Parents!!! Embarrassment or shame about the words also leads to kids not being able to confidently talk to you about stuff that happens. Consider that. Keep that in mind when kids have questions.)

SO HERE WE GO! It's vocabulary time. 

These are NOT WebMD definitions, but rather RGU translations of them. Feel free to practice saying these out loud. Sometimes a glass of wine helps.

Disclaimer: This is also not a commentary on gender definitions, but the use of women/man is strictly for familiarity and any questions about transitioning should be done with your doctor.

  • Bladder: the thing that holds your pee. You need to empty it often. Especially after sex. Trust me.
  • Vagina: the tunnel that is inside a typical woman's body and leads to the uterus. FYI, the uterus is where babies grow, not the vagina. Also, the vagina is not something you can see without some kind of medical tool. Do NOT confuse the outside genitals with the vagina. Don't do it.
  • Circumcision: When the skin (foreskin) at the end of the penis (see penis definition) that covers the head you see when it's erect (glans) is cut back to allow the glans to be exposed at all times. There's too much research and information about this to go into further detail about whether this practice is good, bad, required, optional, religiously required, safe, dangerous, etc. I'm just defining what it is. Just trying to remove the mistaken concept that it's literally chopping the head off a penis.
  • Clitoris: When a woman lays on her back, this is located near the top of her external genitals, usually covered with a "hood" of skin. It's actually above the vaginal opening and the urethra (a.k.a. pee-hole) yet not under the second layer of skin/lips. And yes, for someone who doesn't have one, it can be difficult to find because, well, there's a lot of skin to surf through down there, let's be honest. (Don't forget to pee after sex!) But it's worth getting to know more about. It's historically under-studied in medical fields, but we're getting there! For you and your partner. It's virtually an iceberg type of body part, with implications of... TITANIC proportions. If you get my drift. If you want a little help, feel around for the hard lump and then be gentle. It's not a light switch. It's more like a turkey wishbone, where the peak of the wishbone is the only thing you can actually feel. Work it right, and she'll be the one getting her wish. Naw I'm sayin?
  • Conception: For definition purposes, when a sperm and egg join to form a single cell. You'll find a lot of discussion on whether or not this is the start of a baby, or whether the implantation into the uterus wall is the start of being pregnant. I'm not a doctor. I have no control over the religious definition of it either. I don't have a dog in that fight. I'm just trying to help you realize that there's a lot of words out there. Make sure when you talk that you're using the right ones or people might draw their own conclusions. Mkay?
  • Labia: LIPS!!! Okay, not really. But if you're gonna find that next level of dirty talk, make sure you're using the right words otherwise in the heat of the moment you're gonna find things in a place you weren't expecting. Labia is the correct term for the "lip-like" folds of skin that surround that warm, soft, space between a woman's thighs that decorate the opening to her pleasure tube. (see "Vagina" above.) You know, now that I think about it, I wonder if they refer to labia as lips because they often seem to talk to you, much like a siren would speak to sailors. Things that make you go hmmmm.
  • Penis: The man's tube-like, fleshy organ attached at the pelvis between the thighs that is used for peeing and for sperm release, and let's face it, for having fun and waving around like helicopter blades after you get out of the shower. It changes shape magically depending on how ready it is for sexual relations.  AND...it looks as different for each person as there are differences in earlobes. (Have you googled earlobes?)
  • Scrotum: a.k.a. testicles, testes, gonads, balls, ballsac, family jewels... not gonna go on. The scrotum is a male reproductive structure located under the penis with a shape of a "sac" and is divided into two compartments that holds the testicles (which are holding tanks for sperm). Just a reminder that the balls themselves are actually inside the scrotum, and it's packed with nerve endings and it's important to remember that it's THERE. Don't forget about it. We certainly don't forget about mammary glands (you know, those round squishy things on chests) so it's important to not ignore the "tackle box".

Not gonna overwhelm you in your first A&P class here at RGU, so I'll just let all that sink in.

But for those who want a little extra credit, here are some that are more rare. You might not have realized these even existed:

  • Anorgasmia: not reaching an orgasm (even with adequate stimulation). Read that again. Yes, it happens, even when all the right things are done, and is not due to a lack of talent by the other person. Sometimes this is a medical issue, other times psychological. Possibly, sometimes simply a result of misled expectations? I challenge you to research this, but if you suffer from it, I challenge you further to try thinking of sex as an interesting way to pass your time and try not to judge yourself or anyone else if it doesn't result in orgasm. Sometimes, the trip is just as fun as the destination... think about that.
  • Bacterial Vaginosis: this is not a yeast infection (Candida=yeast infection), but for women it's a really common infection and this is what is referred to when someone says that it smells "fishy" down there. If you want to check on it, and you're not a rhythmic gymnast, then you might have to just swipe it with your fingers and then smell your hand. Just remember, if your hands aren't clean, then swiper no swiping!! But the reason for me sharing this bit of info is so we can try to get rid of the fish vs. lady-part association, and realize that there are a whole variety of smells and fauna (???) that make up that fun "land between the limbs".
  • Bartholin's glands: small glands on either side of the vagina that help to produce mucus. Another reason to make sure you work hard at keeping clean. There is a lot of stuff down there where bacteria can get trapped and if you want a partner that is happy to be with you, then you might want to be considerate about where you put your dirty hands. (a.k.a. Skein's glands) These glands are believed to secrete a substance to lubricate the urethra opening. This substance is also believed to act as an antimicrobial, but if blocked can cause hella issues.
  • Cowper's glands: The Cowper's glands are only found in the male body and play an important role in the protection of sperm during ejaculation. This is where that fluid comes from when a guy gets excited (precum). It helps neutralize stuff to pave the way for the sperm that are about to come through. (a.k.a. bulbourethral glands) It's thought that these are homologues (similar to) to the Bartholin glands in women. It's a very neglected area of health practice but can cause similar issues as the Bartholin gland if obstructed or infected.

I can't stress enough, PEE AFTER SEX!!!


OKAY LOVELY STUDENTS: I think this is enough for A&P I, so we'll save more for another lesson. If you made it this far, I truly mean it when I say I AM PROUD OF YOU. So many people don't know basic health issues, or if they learned them in school they sure as heck were too distracted to remember any of it. This is important stuff, and your partner will be super impressed and feel cared for if you learn about their body. I know I would. (and I do. Let's just say I'm lucky.)


Check out the Sex Glossary on WebMD and see if there is anything there you find interesting. Post a new-to-you word in the comments below and explain why you found it interesting. I'm not expecting everyone to walk around talking like they're in an episode of Grey's Anatomy, but a little education goes a long way in feeling more comfortable about speaking openly.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Book Boyfriends

Let's Discuss "Fiction vs. Fantasy", but remember that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

LESSON 150: Balancing fantasy, reality, and experimentation

"I read erotic literature of the romance genre,"
said no one ever.

"Oh, which smut book are you reading this week?"
said too many people. 

There's gotta be a better middle ground. Just like video erotica (a.k.a. porn) and R-rated movies, they all have their place and are great aphrodisiacs as long as they are used appropriately and don't interfere with meaningful relationships. Let's liberate and de-mystify interesting sex, shall we?

But wait, can we talk about book-shaming for just a minute? Yes, it's a topic near and dear to my heart. 

 I've read books that range from young adult "courting" stories that are sweet and endearing to full on erotica with multiple partners, juices everywhere, octopus-tentacle-intercourse with futa-slave demon orgies. (Not all in the same book... yet.) I'm not ashamed of it. Some are extremely hot and steamy, others are corny and go over the top and don't do it for me. It doesn't matter how freaky you get, good writing is still good writing. But if you start describing someone's schlong like a 'pillar of fortitude' and I'm gonna laugh my tushy off. 

Let's get one thing clear... ROMANCE BOOKS HELP US DISCOVER OURSELVES. Without having fictional situations and relationships to read about, we may never venture outside of our limited vanilla lives. How would you have known you loved mint chocolate-chip ice cream if you had never seen a menu of flavors before? (Word of the day: "Plethora")

Guys and gals alike, embrace the romance books. Don't judge! Break out of the mindset that romance books are smut. Sometimes people just need to read something different to see if it's something that makes them happy, or gets them hot and bothered. What might be one person's favorite book could be someone else's "Meh" book. Not everyone loves mint chocolate chip (shocking, I know) so don't assume that all books are too romancey for your taste. 

You'd be surprised how great the writing is within romance books. You might also be surprised to find that the cover of a book doesn't necessarily tell you how saucy the inside is, either. Get out there and try something new. You might find a new trick to add to your bedroom routine that is a game changer. 

 On the other hand, you might find something that just gets your engine started but you don't have to copy in bed. Remember this is FICTION, and what works out for characters in a book might not work the same in your own life. Just because I read "In the Arms of Love (Futanari Loves Octogirl Book 1)" doesn't mean I have a thing for octopus sex. But if the writing is sensual enough and gets me worked up for a hot night with the hubby, then it was worth reading the book. I'm not going to make myself feel guilty for it or question my sexual preferences because the author writes a great steamy scene. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, people. Don't make mountains out of molehills. (insert all the other catch phrases here.)

So here is your homework for the day! Go find something steamy out there and try it out. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and try something different. Or better yet, try an anthology. Don't know what that is? It's a collection of stories by various authors all in one book. Usually a Kindle version, which is WAY cheaper than buying 20 paperbacks. There's even a bunch of authors who give away one book for free just so you can test out if you like their writing or not. What are you gonna lose? Most Kindle romance books are cheaper than that birthday card you just bought for your coworker that went into the shred-it bin. 

If you're not sure where to start, I have some GREAT suggestions for you!! Click on some of these and see if anything tickles your fancy! Comment below if you found one that you think should by shared, too, and I'll occasionally add a new post with more book suggestions for you others to try!

CHECK THESE OUT: (Yes! These are all in MY Kindle!)

Love Me Always Anthology

A Charity Romance Limited Collection
Grab your copy here: https://geni.us/Luvmealways  

It’s all in the name of love… Get lost in nineteen African American romances filled with passion, desire, and love. This collection includes short reads ranging from sweet to sensual, to dark and addicting.

These dirty alphas and sassy heroines will keep you up until long past your bedtime. Believe us, there is something for everyone in this anthology.

Creative Credits:
Photographer: CJC Photography (http://www.cjc-photography.com)
Model: Kevin T. 
Cover Design: Dar Albert from Wicked Smart Designs
Note: This collection contains material for mature readers (18+ and older) only.

The publisher’s proceeds from Love Me Always will be donated in their entirety to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Please note that Love Me Always is not affiliated with or endorsed by the NAACP.

Contributing Authors:
Peyton Banks, LeeSha McCoy, Ally Vance, Theresa Hodge, L. Loren, E.S. McMillan, Sade Rena, Tami Lund, Barb Shuler, Marie Long, ML Preston, Ava Mallory, Gwen Knight, Reina Torres, Amanda Faye, Cara North

Please consider donating directly to the NAACP Legal Defence Fund: https://bit.ly/3cuZnrl
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Queen of the Throne: A Romantic Comedy
by Shari J. Ryan

Grab your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MRECHP1 

**A Romantic Comedy Novella ** (If you aren’t a fan of real life toilet humor...skip this one ;) )
Have you ever sat down in front of an incredibly hot man, ran your stiletto covered foot up the side of his leg, then felt a rumbling erupt in the pit of your stomach? A rumble so fierce, you were forced to clench harder than you even thought you were capable of clenching.



Slumber Party (Single Moms Unleashed Book 1) Kindle Edition
by Honey Chanel

Grab your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CQB259K

When recently divorced Celia Porter drops her daughter off at a friend's house for a slumber party, she didn't know her plans for the night would change. A powerful storm rolled in, making it too dangerous to drive home. The single mom hosting the party suggest she stay the night. Little did she know they both had a few thoughts on what they could do to occupy their time.





 The Erotic Adventures of Kitten and Big Daddy Magic 1: The Kittening (Steampunk Paranormal DD/lg BDSM)
by Bryce Calderwood

Grab your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01FG70RWC/

In a world of steampunk technology and paranormal powers, a sleeping girl is left by her frightened parents in the care of the only person who can protect her: a mage. Abandoned and frightened, she looks around his Gothic mansion and is accidentally caught in the crossfire of a magical spell!

The spell changes her into something not exactly human, something a little more... feline. She grows cat ears and a tail and becomes an adorable and sexy cat girl! Her new body is sexually insatiable. Only a man of great Dominance combined with a warm, caring heart can give her the satisfaction and discipline she really needs.

Does her new protector have what it takes? He has needs, too, and they discover they may be perfect for each other in the most delightfully dirty ways!

Corsets & Quartets
by Mercy DeSimone

Grab your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/Corsets-Quartets-Mercy-DeSimone-ebook/dp/B087Z8JMLM

Ready for a modern girl’s road to unconventional romance after 40?
It starts with:

  •      Over 40, BBW trying to find balance
  •      DILF Veterinarian into some heavy petting
  •      Yummy Chef who knows how to turn up the heat in the kitchen, and
  •      Sexy Rock Star trying to find his rhythm

When Real Life challenges you to write your own story...

     Josie always dreamed of following in Jane Austen’s footsteps. Instead, she’s surrounded by snarky queens, sullen teens, and stuck in a retail job that’s sucking her dry. With her dream of a writing career and her professional life at a standstill, her best friend suggests (ok, nags) that what she needs is to turn up the heat with some new inspiration... especially if that includes filling her dance card with more than one sexy, eligible man at a time.

Could it be that maybe a modern girl needs a Quartet to thrive? Here’s what happens when Josie decides that she’s not such a plain Jane after all….

Corsets and Quarts is a medium burn, unconventional romance meant for readers 18+, where sometimes the best relationships are the ones in which we don’t choose to settle for one love.

Sugar & Spice (Spicetopia Book 1)
by Phoebe Alexander

Grab your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07YCMBSFQ 

A billionaire undercover boss.
A single mom who’s totally off limits.
Temptation never looked so sweet...

Cy Sweet has always been the black sheep of his family, which is probably why he was chosen to go Undercover Boss in Sweetopia, his family’s theme park. Enticed by his father’s bribe, he dons an apron to serve pastries in Cotton Candy Castle, one of the park’s most popular attractions.

He’s tempted to blow his cover when he meets The Red Velvet Queen. Sure, she’s a costumed character and the jewels in her crown are fake, but she’s absolutely breathtaking. His desire only grows when he invents a baker’s dozen reasons to visit her every day…enough visits to discover her sweetness comes with a side of spice.

But they’re both in disguise. The Queen is actually single mom Jolie Cox, who relentlessly struggles to make a living for herself and her sons. And Cy is actually her boss, not to mention heir to the corporate empire she despises.

What will happen when their identities are finally unmasked?

Clever as the Devil
by Judith Anderson

Grab your copy here:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1720777802

Kimber Cassidy is a beautiful, brilliant and sexy plus-size young woman, who's determined to follow in her late father's footsteps, a police detective in the midwestern town of East Alton. While she mourns the tenth anniversary of her father's death in a nearby bar, a chance encounter embroils her in a murder investigation of Calvin Dunbar. Soon, it becomes obvious that things are not a clean cut as they appear. Was Calvin murdered, or did he commit suicide? Why was there a falling out with a close friend? And what was the mysterious research that Calvin was doing? When another dead body is discovered and she finds herself coming under increasing suspicion of police detective, Lou Matthews, Kimber races against time to clear her name and figure out who's a cold-blooded killer!

Friday, April 10, 2020

Slow the hell down...

Do you mean Turtle sex?
  NO. I'm not referring to turtle sex.
I mean, like... it's a thing. Did you know it's a "THING"?

LESSON 404: Slow Sex, or OM.
Seriously!!!! It's also called sexual meditation, orgasmic meditation (a.k.a. "OM"), and my personal favorite: SLOW THE HELL DOWN. (jk)

DISCLAIMER: I did not read the book. But this is not the first time I've heard of this. So here I go.

Slow sex is not just about going slow. I don't want to misinform you. Obviously, there is more to it than that. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to write a whole book about it, right?

Guys, it's not quite what you picture in your head.

Gals, it's EXACTLY what you probably are hoping it is.

So when you hear someone say "Slow down, it's not sex!" then you can correct them and let them know that sex isn't SUPPOSED to be fast. (Unless you only have 3 minutes before all the kids wake up and you were lucky enough to wake up before them.)

  • Woman strips and lays down comfortably.
  • Man Sits next to woman (clothed. Sorry.)
  • Woman clears mind. (seriously difficult.)
  • Man clears mind. (seriously easy, let's be honest. There's a naked woman in front of him.)
  • Man then proceeds to slowly touch, rub, massage said woman. (attentively)
  • Woman gives feedback to man, letting him know what feels nice or to be softer, harder, etc.

Sounds like glorified foreplay, right?
One problem. You stop after 15 minutes.

But that's the thing. Doing this is supposed to be a way to practice and learn without the actual orgasm being the GOAL. (hear me out.) You aren't supposed to end in an orgasm, although that's a lovely benefit if it happens within 15 minutes. But that's not the point. Or at least that is impression I've been given.

So I went looking further...
And then I came across this article, which compared this 'Slow Sex' book to 50 shades, so of COURSE I had to read the article. I won't make you read it, but the author (yes, a guy) found some key phrases that stood out to him, and I narrowed them down to these two things that I have been saying repeatedly:
GUYS: "What she really wants is access to your attention"
GALS: "Men get confused when women withhold information" 

Frickin ay. Can we say COMMUNICATION????

Look, I'm not here to solve your relationship problems, but I'm gonna tell you right now. If you EVER complain to someone about how good or bad your sex life is, and that person is NOT the person you are having sex with, then you are communicating to the wrong person!!!!

Get out of your head. Grow some balls or tits, whichever, and just SPEAK UP. I mean, don't be a d*ck. But start giving some friendly directions, mkay? You'd be surprised where it gets you. 

HOMEWORK: Watch this TED talk by Nicole Daedone to learn more details of the "how-to" for orgasmic meditation.
CHEAT: For those that prefer cliff-notes, watch from 5:10 through about 10min. Trust me, it's a good story. ...and will make you wanna buy a good quality flashlight.