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Monday, September 18, 2017

Get by with a little help...

GUYS... this one's for you.

You know, occasionally my faith in huMANity is restored. Truthfully, as a cis-woman, I have a hard time not feeling resentful and cynical about my male counterparts. (The horrible few ruin it for the rest of you! I'm truly sorry about that. Sincerely. I'm working on that.) Luckily, there are times when you see something and it restores the hope that you had for he world.

I found a website... a blog... nay a movement.... I was totally looking for something completely unrelated (parenting and crafty-stuff advice, of all things) and I came across this website that was a host to a wonderful array of advice geared towards "Good men". I thought 'well that's interesting.'

I started looking around this site and LO AND BEHOLD... I saw some decent advice! Obviously everything is subjective and what might be great advice for one is useless to another. I admit that.

if you will permit me to get to it...
is that this reminded me of a group of young men I once knew years ago who used to meet once a week to build each other up and hold each other accountable. They were a group of GREAT men, truly great, and I hope they are still supporting each other to this day. But more importantly, I realized now that ALL men NEED that. I see a lot of talk about women needing to have a best friend or a support group but...

LESSON 301: Everybody needs somebody sometime...

Don't laugh, it's true! As much as we don't like it when someone calls us 'needy', it's absolutely true. Humans are social beings.

If we don't rely on the sharing of common knowledge from the experiences of others, then we are going to be stuck making the same mistakes generation after generation. Don't keep the lesson to yourself, pass it on! Take some time to learn from your fellow man, and then when you get that 'ah ha' moment of your own, SHARE IT. Even if it's just at the water cooler and you have to be brief.

Um... not THAT brief.

But don't be afraid to reach out and look for advice, too. It's out there. You just have to be willing to ask for it. (Just about as easy as asking for directions, right?)

Don't be afraid to communicate with your fellow man!  Communication is just as important with a mentor as it is with a friend or lover. Mentors are highly underrated, and should be used more often. Find a mentor and BE a mentor. Just remember to use your communication skills, and don't be cryptic.

HOMEWORK: Check out the site https://goodmenproject.com/ OR google for some good articles geared towards self-growth and find an article that stands out to you. It doesn't have to be about sex, but if you find something out there that you think "Hey, this was actually worth my time to read" then SHARE IT here!!!! Or share it anywhere! Be a mentor to other men. Post a link in the comments or post a share on Facebook for me. Whatever floats your boat! Just remember guys, you need support, too.