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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dude, listen to me...

A.K.A.: The beginnings of RG University

“Dude, listen to me and do this otherwise you’re NEVER gonna get laid” 

...was the intro to the worst advice I’d ever heard. That's when I realized a lot of the mistakes guys were making came from being given advice about women by the wrong people. Namely, advice from other MEN. Don’t get me wrong! Some guys have great advice. But even so, I decided it was time to hold 'class' and give some lessons pointing out what guys do that gets them NO results. Or even worse, the WRONG results.

Good for you.

Additionally, I think there are times when us gals need some lessons as well. We need to retrain our brain to respond in less confusing ways so there is better communication across the genders. It’s no secret that men and women have different biology, chemicals, and socialized upbringing (even though gender really isn’t a teeter totter, but more of a slide rule). It's no secret that the words coming out of our mouths don't always match what's in our heads.
(Me on any given work day)
So why not help women learn to express themselves more clearly, while at the same time giving them the confidence to get what they do (or don’t) want more effectively? It’s time to throw out the social rule-book and do what’s right and fair!
Wait! I have a whole can full of rule books!!! Waiiiiittt!!! Take them!!!!

FYI: I’d love to give you advice on an entire range of social relationships… friendship, parent-child, LGBTQ relationships, student-teacher relationships. I mean, ‘relationships’ really aren’t about sex, but about the connection between two people, right? Unfortunately, I’m only one person and I have very little expertise on ANYTHING. So for the sake of this blog, I’m going to stick with trying to keep women around the world from getting groped, prodded, and slobbered over by men who just have NO clue that what they are doing is completely wrong or repulsive. And hopefully, some guy out there will read this and not get defensive and assume that it’s always about him. …and he’ll read it with a grain of salt and think twice before using that line his buddy told him back in the locker room in junior high.

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