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Friday, November 15, 2019

Undergraduate Research for the curious

Welcome to another seminar in sex research!

 Seminar 269: googling in private
I promise I'll keep it short and sweet...

There is an ever-expanding set of resources out there for people who are interested in expanding their knowledge of sexual health. It's important to always grow and always admit that you don't know EVERYTHING. Things are changing every day. New trends, new laws, new social boundaries, new services and new accessories are always coming up all the time. It's important to continuously look for more information to help open your mind and expand your repertoire.

Since I'm always clicking on new and interesting things and discovering new people in the 'industry' (whatever that means), I think it's important for me to pass on the research knowledge that I've come across since our last research class. Here are some neat links that I think you would enjoy checking out... when you're not at work.

Sex Education resources:

Yes, No, Maybe lists that look fun to fill out with your lover:




Today's a lazy day ya'll, no homework! Just have fun googling stuff.