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Friday, June 30, 2017

Nice guy bullshit

Do NOT get me started on the whole “Nice guys always lose” crap. (Too late. I already started.)

If you’re going out looking for a date and you look around and there’s a bunch of jerks taking all the girls home and you didn’t even get a phone number, it’s NOT because they are jerks. It’s NOT because nice guys lose. It’s NOT because women love bad guys. Stop making excuses.

DO NOT believe the lie that 'women love bad boys'... No woman says to herself "Oh my gosh, I wanna go date HIM because I just know he'll break my heart and make me feel ugly!" No. These guys get phone numbers because... drum roll please.............


Yes. It’s that simple. They are bright and noisy and they draw attention. There are nice guys that do that, too. (You don't hear about them cause they don't have anything to complain about.) And yes, there are nice guys that get hurt, but there are jerks that get hurt, too. Don’t be stereotyping now. Your broken heart is not unique in any way, shape or form. This is NOT the time to play the martyr. Instead, we’re here to learn…

Seriously. It's the prerequisite to starting a relationship. Honestly, the biggest challenge for anyone is just MEETING someone else. There’s plenty of people who you could have a great time being around, whether as a friend, lover, colleague, or playdate.

So why don’t we all have more playdates?
Because our Mommy isn’t here to introduce us to a new friend. It’s time to suck it up buttercup.

Just go say HELLO for frick’s sake. Seriously. It works. You wouldn’t believe how much it works. No horrible “did you fall from Heaven” lines and no “don’t I know you” lies. Just walk up to someone and say “Hi, I’m Mark. I saw you from across the room and just had to introduce myself.” Girls, it works that way for you, too. Just say “Hi, I’m Julie. Is this your first time here? I’ve never seen you here before.”

At this point, the lesson is over. I don’t know what you’re waiting for.

Still here?

Ok, if that wasn’t enough, then here is my logic.

Guys, what most women are looking for is just someone to interact with… someone who will


They don’t want someone who will come over and stare at their boobs instead of their eyes all night. They don’t want to be eye-slobbered. (Yes, I said it. Eye-slobber. It’s what happens when a guy trails his eyes ALL over you, never once looking you in the eyes and he just keeps nodding his head acting like he’s listening when all he is doing is imagining you naked and trying to think of the next sexual innuendo to throw into the conversation.)


In all honesty, eye-slobber is flattering for about half a second. But it eventually gets annoying and doesn’t work NEARLY as well as paying attention. I could probably take a poll of single women and ask them whether they would give their phone number to a guy who interacted with them in a conversation and actually shared interest in the things they talked about. Wanna bet how high those poll results would be? (Don’t bet. It’s not a healthy habit.)

So do me a favor. Try it. Pretend it’s an experiment. Better yet, I'm going to give you homework!

HOMEWORK: say “Hello” to someone. Tell me what happens after that. I’d love to hear it.

...you can't stop staring at the booby-eyes can you?

Walk away. Just walk away.

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