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Monday, July 10, 2017

No, that's NOT the perfect song...

So I was sitting around shooting the proverbial 'crap', and the topic of music comes up and I heard one guy tell another that if they wanted to get laid, they needed to play the right music. I started thinking, "hmmm. He's got a point...yassssssss"
Thank you Blake McGrath.

And then he played THIS song.

Let's get MARRIED?!??!?!!! Seriously?!??!!?! 

You have to realize, this advice was given to a SINGLE guy, who was not currently in a relationship, and I'm thinking "You're just gonna try to hit up a girl you just met and tell her you wanna get married already????" 

No. Just No. 


I've said it before, and you're gonna hear me say it a million times in this blog, but it's all about COMMUNICATION. I know the song sounds sexy and it has a great beat and all, but DAMN. You're gonna propose to a woman with a song just to get laid... and then NOT expect her to go ape-shit when you decide you don't want to give her a ring the next day?

I don't care if you're a guy, a girl, or a fricking puppy-dog. When you hear THE WORDS, you're going to associate a meaning with them.

That includes ANY situation... do NOT make meaningless promises just to get a piece. It's false advertising, dishonest, and is just going to cause you drama in the long run. LOTS of drama. No one wants that kind of drama. (stop and let that sink in. SERIOUS drama.)

And if someone says 'let me play this song for you' or you hear 'this song makes me think of you', you're going to pay more attention to the words than you did the last time you heard it on the radio.

So do me a favor... think before you speak. And for heaven's sakes 

HOMEWORK: Go fetch... a song that is a better 'get busy' song than "Let's get married".

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