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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Learning from the animal kingdom

The human race has to be one of the only species on the planet where the female is snazzier than the male of the species. Numerous women primp and prepare themselves using products from a multi-billion dollar industry and spend insane amounts of money on clothes and accessories while the average guy buy one pair of shoes and a comb. (I'm acknowledging there are exceptions to this!) But seriously, why is this? How did we end up so 'opposite'?

I mean, Look at Birds the male is always more colorful and always prancing around, dancing and showing off for the female.

Meanwhile, the female sits back and waits to see which one is the most entertaining to her. (Refer back to lesson 101!!)

I realize there are some things that the animal kingdom does that probably won't work for humans. We're not going to get into issues with praying mantises or black widow spiders.  (But that DOES remind me of some good advice for a 400-level course on marriage. Hmmm.)

I'm also not going to bash makeup wearing women, because I ARE one. As much as I love having days where I don't feel the need to wear makeup, I admit that sometimes looking at your reflection in the mirror and and liking what you see makes a huge difference in how you feel. Sometimes a good hair day just affects how you act, how you walk, even how you talk. Ain't nothing wrong with being confident!

But why does our society only expect it from women and not men? I mean, I'm not saying that it's time to start wearing makeup, guys. I don't expect men to start curling your hair or wearing dresses with high heels... although you'd be surprised what a good eyeliner does for a man.

LESSON: Physical presentation 102
So here is the thing... a little basic hygiene can go a long way. Don't believe that crap that women love a sweaty stinky man... I mean, in fiction it seems great. But you're still gonna be asked to take a shower before any part of you tries to touch any part of us. A few simple maintenance details can go a long way. Trim your fingernails, wash your armpits, shave your beard into a nice, neat shape... even better would be to not wear clothes with oil stains on them. Try washing your hat every now and then. Maybe try to scrape under your fingernails on a regular basis.

Just a note: I'm not encouraging people to judge someone by their 'book cover' so to speak, but that's a double-edged sword because it's natural to evaluate things with our eyes (or fingers and smell, if you're sight-impaired). First impressions are HUGE...

Rather, consider it a sign of respect for your potential mate. Or consider it a way to honor the temple that God gave you. However you feel about it, it's simply a matter of showing pride in yourself. Take time to maintain that bod!

Lastly, no matter what, don't ever be afraid to express yourself and to be who you are. Just... maybe don't be the stinky kid in the class, ok?
HOMEWORK: Take a moment in the mirror today, and look at yourself, and tell yourself one physical trait that you like the most about yourself. Then take an extra second to give that trait a little extra attention today and strut your stuff like you own it!!! Show off those lovely genes you got!

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