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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Chemistry for dummies...

Didn't have a chemistry kit when you were little? No biggie. All the tools you need for good chemistry are at your disposal already, although you might not have realized it. So put on your thinking caps and listen up, cause this is a little different than Chemistry 101. It's...


We all know that for some people there's and instant chemical attraction, but what exactly ARE those chemicals? And can we use that knowledge of chemistry for our own use? Why YES! We CAN!

But I know that you didn't come here to get all 'sciency' and stuff. So let's briefly break it down to the key words that you need to know to get you started.
That's a start for now. Why do you need to know these words? Cause they make us feel good and give us incentive to keep doing the things that produce these chemicals!!! If you can find a way to produce this stuff for your partner, they'll keep coming back to get those 'feel good' stuffs from you more often! Who doesn't like to be around someone who makes you feel good? It can become addicting even!

So what do you really need to know here? Simply find out what makes that dopamine fly in the person you wanna be with! It's not as complicated as you think... dopamine levels can rise for even the simplest actions, such as smiling. Did you know that simply by smiling you can increase the dopamine in your brain? The internet says so, so it must be true! Go on... try it!

Ever have one of those moments where you see a couple and wonder "what on earth do they see in each other?"
Jessica Rabbit said it best... "He makes me LAUGH."

Think about it... laughter primes the body for friendly interaction with the person causing the laughing!

Did you know that your heart beats faster from laughter? Which then causes increased blood flow and even helps with antibodies, endorphins, and a release of dopamine? Just listen to the good doctors in THIS VIDEO talk about laughter. They know what they're talking about!

Don't forget there are other things that boost dopamine... trying new activities, going on adventures, and even eating certain foods will help you out if your punchline isn't so punchy.

Try some dopamine boosting FOODS like bananas, watermelons, avocados or even some cheese or dairy. Google it... you'll find a good bit of research on foods that will help with dopamine levels, but make sure you read the full article to find out how to get the most out of those foods. They usually need to be paired up with something else to ensure they get the most effect on your brain. (Look for the keyword "brain barrier".) Don't forget to try some fava beans...

Not hangry?

Maybe try a little bit of EXERCISE. Finding a neat activity to do together could be great foreplay, as long as you're not too competitive. You might find a new hobby to add to your weekly routine to boot! Don't worry, it could be as easy as taking a walk in a park, or a little more strenuous like playing racquetball at the local Y. You don't have to be overachievers like this couple:

Don't laugh... I bet these couples had great sex after making this video.
Right after they put ice on all their bruises.

Homework: Find something hysterical to laugh about, and then share it with a friend... or even better, your lover. :-)  See if it changes your evening plans.

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