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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

It's okay to play with your food...

Just thought it was time to have a special vocational class today and talk about nutrition. Shall we?

We're living in a time when the world is trying to get the human race back on the right track, health wise. I say "sounds good to me!" We should all eat more fruits...And everyone says dark chocolate is actually good for you, so make sure you stock up at the grocery store and encourage your partner to try it too!

And of course yogurt is great for the digestion and goes great with strawberries. While we are dipping things, don't forget to spread it too! Peanut butter, that is...

There's such a great variety of foods out there that you may never have tried before. Why not check out some videos from Stephanie Sarley? She features a lot of foods you may never have thought of (in this way) before.

Remember that it is important to always practice good sanitary habits as well. Keep your cucumber CLEAN!! You don't want to risk giving or getting any infections. Maybe even ask your partner for some help cleaning. ;-) Don't be scared...
But just in case you need instructions regarding that, there is the RIGHT way to stay clean, and the wrong way... Ladies, here is some proper "cucumber" information for you as well.

And lastly, we know that grapefruits may sound bitter and unsweet, but if they are healthy and your partner likes them, why not have an open mind?
Or watch the technique in this video here :-)

I hope you all take some time to work on your wellness this week! Remember, eat right...

...get LOTS of exercise...

...and establish good sleeping habits.

Have a great week students!

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